First Time Customers

Customs and Immigration Clients

All new customers are required to mail, or fax the following information to purchase Customs and Immigration forms.

  • On company letterhead provide what your intended use of the forms will be and to whom it will be distributed.
  • Ship to address
  • Bill to address
  • Primary contact

All Clients

First time orders are pre-paid.
All orders are held in Pro Forma* status until an open account is created.

Pro Forma - Prepaid orders. Shipments are made upon receipt of payment

Methods of payment

Company Check, ACH Payment (Int'l or Domestic) or Wire Transfer. Credit card purchases are also accepted.

Obtaining an Open Credit Account at Yankee Schooner Industries

It is our policy that all new customers are invoiced Pro Forma until an account is opened. To obtain an open account you must submit the standard references (3 business references and a bank reference). Once these are reviewed, an open account can be established.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are pleased to offer our assistance.

Please write to: