Arrival/Departure Form #I-94

OMB# 1651-0111 (05/08 EDN)

For nonimmigrant visitors entering the United States with a visa, there is a requirement to fill a CBP Form I-94 (white form). This form has two specific perforated sections to it. The visitor or the carrier representative must complete both sections of CBP Form I-94 upon arrival in the United States. The bottom section of CBP Form I-94 is a departure record and must be returned to U.S. officials upon exiting the United States.

After the successful completion of processing the applicant, a CBP officer stamps the applicant’s CBP Form I-94, Arrival and Departure Records, and the passport. The CBP Declaration, used at air and sea ports of entry, may also be stamped by the CBP officer. The CBP officer retains the arrival portion of the CBP Form I-94 and returns the departure portion of the CBP Form I-94 and passport to the applicant.

The departure portion of CBP Form I-94 and passport is to be in the applicant’s possession at all times until the applicant departs the United States. If an applicant boards a commercial conveyance to depart the United States.

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Supplied in master packed cartons of 3,000, containing 6 bundles of 500 each. This is a numbered form. Numbers must be obtained by official means.

Available Languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, polish, Portuguese (Portugal Version & Brazil Version), Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

Printed in the U.S.A..