Security Bags

There are several types available. Please see below.

Re-closable bags made from all-virgin polyethylene film. Meets FDA and USDA requirements. 8”x8” (20cm x 20cm):

Item# S1699_2mil: 1 carton (1,000 bags) @ $135.00/ctn
Item# S1699_2mil: 5 carton (1,000 bags) @ $100.00/ctn
Item# S1699_2mil: 10 carton (1,000 bags) @ $80.00/ctn

Item# S1303_4mil: 1 carton (1,000 bags) @ $179.00/ctn
Item# S1303_4mil: 5 carton (1,000 bags) @ $149.00/ctn
Item# S1303_4mil: 10 carton (1,000 bags) @ $119.00/ctn

Item# S3282_6mil: 1 carton (1,000 bags) @ $246.00/ctn
Item# S3282_6mil: 3 carton (1,000 bags) @ $220.00/ctn
Item# S3282_6mil: 5 carton (1,000 bags) @ $210.00/ctn

The 6 mil is rated for auto and machinery parts, electrical panels, printing plates and tools. Also available is an 8 mil bag that is rated for heavy industrial parts and sharp edged materials. Zipper slider bags are also available.

All items can ship in an estimated 3 business days for delivery next day.

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